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Smachine, about

The idea, the inspiration


Skate, Shape, Speed, Slide, Slam, Sea, Surf, Sun, Soul, Satisfaction, Seventies, Sweet & Sexy .. and so.

All of these words, and the universe they evoke are causing the existence of Smachine.

In the workshop, the calendar is stuck on July 76, the Zboys bring skateboarding to another dimension and too wise Ty Page and Russ Howell seem boring.

The skate business explodes, Alva, Sims, G & S, Logan, Roadrider, Santa Cruz, Kryptonics, all these brands innovate and skateboarding change radically, it's no longer just a game or a toy, but skateboarding is now something deeper, a kind of sub culture, a way of life.


  • 1976 George Powell (Future Powell & Peralta ), develops for Tom Sims a series of Skateboards made of  composite aluminium/wood, the mythics Quicksilver and QuickTail.
  • G & S (Gordon & Smith) turn out the legendary series FibreFlex, composite fiberglass/Wood.
  • Later in 78 Krytonics also use composite materials and manufacture the most beautiful park boards of the time.
Since these days, composite materials are an integral part of the skateboard industry.


The technique, the passion


Smachine, inspired by these pioneers, made his Skateboards and Longboards with the same passion for materials.

Our technology is based on Hybrid Composite and cold high pressure. To make our skateboards, the choice of materials is crucial. We believe that the use of composite materials leaves no room for improvisation, so we use the best components available on the market to make up our hybrid sandwiches.

  • Beech or maple veneer only, rotary peeled provides more fiber than regular slicing
  • Unidirectional carbon 50k grade industry, weaving 100% flat, 0% shrinkage (50k = 50 000 fibers per strand)
  • Bi-axial carbon 45/45 ° HM, used for the control of the twist
  • Bi-axial glass 45/45 ° Type R, to control the twist on less demanding sandwiches
  • Epoxy High Modulus, upscale matrix for cold stratification, post cure at 60° or 110°
  • Honeycomb Nomex ®, much more relevant and effective in a Hollow Core that empty cells
  • HPL (high pressure laminate)

Our molds are designed in CAD/3D, manufactured with vertical laminated birch and machined in our workshop through our CNC. This precision and extremely low tolerance allows the longboards to undergo a steady and perfectly uniform pressure over its entire surface, during the pressing process.


The boards are placed several hours under high pressure (30 to 50 tons) in our hydraulic presses and then are post cured at 60 ° for 15 hours in order to optimize the mechanical strength of our high modulus epoxy resin. 

Once exits from the oven and cooled, the boards are cut and drilled through our CNC, with an accuracy of 0.02 mm. 

@ Smachine we love objects manufactured to last and to prove the confidence we place in our production, our Skateboards leave the workshop with a 3-year warranty against delamination and structural damage.

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